Camden Lock Market

We sold our boxes in another location! Camden Lock Market=)

Eun did a live art “event” and painted the monsters on a canvas to hang it up as a store sign.


What’s inside the Monster Box?

Comic and puzzle cookies included=P I love the monster box!


The event was a success!! The children loved the cookies=)

Tablecloth and Feet

Tablecloth designed and made by Hasmita, Eun, and Mariana.
Screen-printed polka-dots, and stamped monster shape pattern on the table cloth.

Monster Feet designed and made by Tchie.

The final boxes

Poster created by Mariana

Cookies by Laura

Laura’s cookies were delicious!!!!!!! She also tested the icing.

We gave this cute box (with the cookies inside) to Victoria as a present!

The Big Lunch Event

We are happy to announce that we will take part in the Big Lunch event at Myatt’s Fields Park! We will be selling our monster cookies packaged in monster boxes on the 5th of June, 2011 (1pm~3pm).

We will soon release the official website to promote the event and our product.

Thank you Victoria!

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